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Thank you for being my guest.                                                                                                                                Rick Krausminc: No, I had seen the coins before every time I look at them I see something different. Of all the artwork I own is one- of a kind, but I'm the proudest of your "Beatles"                                                                                                                            Thomas Ferguson: I know your exquisite work. I still have the Begging-Man, and its hidden due to theft.        Tina Molina:                                                             I have a Renaissance looking apocalyptic horse  and the other is a landscape of a city with a romantic rendezvous with a giant octopus and the young lady drinking wine in her apartment. I was such a fan what a steal it was that I commissioned you to paint  I had told you that I was a big fan of your cityscapes and you're octopi. I truly thought I was going to get something more of a tiny doodle, but instead you painted me something absolutely beautiful and far more than what I had ever expected. I have hung both paintings and every place I've lived proudly.

Samuel L. Brantley, 1980's "Touch by Angels"
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Los Angeles Arts Commissioner's "CD10 2005"

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