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 Samuel Brantley Born: Painter VA. USA - I Love the classical arts. This Collection  is about story telling. I spent five years Leaving homeless and studying artist and events at Venice Beach ca. 2005-2010 USA. On site real people, times and fun.  (3D Art in store page)                

All Original small things that make a difference project or inspire anew. So get yours -one or more hand signed guarantee quality Illustration print 12x18, 100pound flat or Gloss, (Limited edition $18.00 each). Free shipping 7 days inside USA. Help me out, ( note- letter and number of illustration for checkout) go to (Store page) PayPal. You can contact me on the info page with your chose's / originals.                                   ( guarantee or your money back.) More info: 1- 415-879-3182

Beach Art         a2      $18                                  

Venice Beach art           a3  $18

Beach Art     a1    $18

Beach Art     ( a6            $18

Venice Beach Art        a31      $18

Beach Art    a4             $18

Venice Beach Art  a5        $18

Beach Art     a34                $18

Venice Beach Art      a33       $18

Venice Beach Art      a35      $18

Drawing       a39                     $18

Venice Beach art     a36          $18

Venice beach Art             a37               $18

Drawing          a38                $18

Vencie Beach Art     a41                    $18

Beach Art         a42                 $18

Drawing        a40                   $18

Bay bridge SF       a44           $18

Venice Beach Art         a45          $18

Venice Beach Art               a46         $18

Venice Beach Art     a43                   $18

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